Posts by Post

Lined & Unlined has been up and running for about a year and a half now, and so far I’ve had the good fortune to hear from a few of you out there in one capacity or another. Everytime I have, I’ve been incredibly grateful for the insight, encouragement, or critique, not to mention a lot of virtual introductions to people from far and wide. The site doesn’t support comments right now (though someday I may reconsider this for certain posts), so other than sending me an email about something specific, there aren’t a lot of ways for all of us to interact.

In that sense, it seems like it’s time for the site to evolve. I’d like to get to know more of you, who you are, what you like, what you don’t, why you’re reading, what you’d want to read more of. And, since you know what a fan I am of gift-giving, I’d like to offer you something in return. Something non-virtual. Something real.

So, in that spirit, I decided it might be fun to take the blog offline for a week and do five “posts by post.” The week of 12 May 2008, I’ll be sending out five postcards to anyone that joins the L&UL mailing list. If you sign up, you’ll get one postcard per day sent right to you, wherever you are, totally free. Sort of a blog by mail, but cooler. Consider it a little dose of nerdy design goodness, and you don’t have to plug anything in to get it.

You can sign up using the form below or head over to the new subscription page anytime you like. You’ll find more details about the mailing list there as well.

Update: Emmet Byrne from the Walker’s Design blog has been kind enough to post all the cards here. Check them out!